2017, Retro Revisited


It is the year 2017, technology of today far exceeds that of any era. Surely the future that the human race once dubbed fantasy is nigh. For footwear giants like Adidas and Nike however, it is the year of which retro fashion returns with a vengeance.

Late 2016 saw glimpses of this resurgence, with the sudden popularity of Nike’s retro Air Max 95 range and the return of Adidas’ EQT range. This move sparked a fire in the hearts of hypebeasts, as millions across the world took to the streets in favor of these throwback pieces.


Fast forward a few months to 2017 and the retro revolution is in full effect. Countless colorways of old school sneakers and clothing have been released much to the excitement of consumers that were too young to witness this time period in all its splendour.

It is the year 2017. Retro is back for revenge whether you like it or not, and they show no sign of stopping.

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